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Delicacies of Realpolitik and media corporations
The luck of some. Judged by journalists and acquitted by their publishers.


These are the letters sent today from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina to the U.S. Secretary Of State, John Kerry. Also to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreing Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, regarding the article published in the Wall Street Journal, July 27.

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Nota a Mogherini en ingles (1)

The referred article quotes: “The European Union, under the terms of the nuclear accord reached with Iran this month, committed to removing a retired Iranian general from its sanctions list who’s sought by Interpol for his alleged role in a terrorist bombing in Argentina in 1994.”

Mr. Vahidi is wanted by Interpol at the request of the Judiciary of Argentina as part of the investigation of the AMIA bombing occurred on July 18, 1994, which left 85 victims.

And since we are talking about newspaper articles- I notice some are having a hard time with their headlines regarding this nuclear deal.

For example, Clarín’s headline today: «The nuclear deal with US will bring closer Iran and Argentina» (?) «The agreement has removed obstacles for one of the accused in the AMIA bombing…». Amazing, huh? Notice the word: «Obstacles»

Scilicet, Argentinian newspaper Clarín uses the word “obstacles” for what the Wall Street Jornal calls planly – and more accurately – “removing a retired Iranian general from its sanctions list who’s sought by Interpol for his alleged role in a terrorist bombing in Argentina in 1994.»

Not that the WSJ does not have their own questionable wording. Former “Terrorist” Vahidi has now become for the media narrative a “retired General” (They almost salute him).  Meanwhile his involvement in the bombing is no longer “confirmed” (hence the criticism to Argentina for the Memorandum with Irán) but rather an «alleged role».

The luck of some. Judged by journalists and acquitted by their publishers. Delicacies of Realpolitik and media corporations.

You surely remember when Clarín and their «satellite» media and politicians, meaning the opponents, stated that the purpose of the Memorandum was to remove Interpol red alerts? Granted, they were not alone, some Community leaders stated the same thing.

What to do now with all the lies published, the fables spread, and the instructions followed?

What to do, when international instructors change their minds with ease, from enemies to friends? Not much unlike Clarín, really.

Do you recall the address to the Nation in the Honorable Congress on March 1 of this year?

Among many other things related to AMIA and international agreements, I said:

“It is clearer than ever that AMIA has become a chess board of national and international policy. Because right now, in case someone missed it, the US is negotiating with the Islamic Republic of Iran a nuclear agreement; with strong opposition from a section of the Republican Party, with strong opposition from the State of Israel, that even led to a feud between President Barack Obama and President Netanyahu, as the latter in his condition of President of Israel addressed the US Parliament. Nobody puts these things together? Can anyone think a little beyond what Clarin says or what suits him for the next election? We have to think a little more. Think a little more about our country.”

I said these things almost five months ago on national television. Premonitory? No. Foreseer? Nope. Just observing what is going on- and trying to understand what happens in the world, as countries shift their interests.

In short, everything that some people in our country seem to ignore or not be able to notice, or worse, they do know but choose to lie about it. As for the interests of Argentina? Well, thank you for nothing.

For some it is a simple rule: First they oppose, then they lie, and then when closer to the election, if it suits them, they just change their minds.

However, I can think of a headline that suits what is going on in the world: «Due to the serious situation in Middle East, US signs nuclear deal with Iran”. I mean, the Islamic Republic of Iran. And mind you, I am not criticizing the agreement itself. Moreover, when it became public, our government decided to support it, in the conviction and understanding that dialogue and peaceful resolution of international disputes are the only way to build a fairer world based on law and not on military power.

In a few days in our country the trial for the covering up of the AMIA bombing begins. 21 years gone by, no arrests, no convictions. 85 victims and their families are still waiting for truth and justice.

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