abril 20, 2015
Everything has to do with everything (when it comes to geopolitics and international power)
For many of us, peace is the best tool to achieve greater global security.


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«If necessary, Paul Singer will help us.»  Nisman’s offer became an open secret in the Pasteur street building, stirring a debate between the more practical group –that was willing to accept the potential financing to fight the memorandum- and those who refused to accept “help” from a hedge fund whose practices violate the Jewish principles against usurious interests.»

To the uninformed or unaware reader, Paul Singer is the Vulture Lord and owner of the decisions of Judge Griesa against Argentina.

He also contributed to the NGO Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), USD 3.6 million from 2008 to 2014.

The Executive Director of FDD is Mark Dubowitz, who in an interview with CNN admitted to being a personal friend of prosecutor Nisman.

«Throughout 2013, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a Republican think tank whose executive director is Mark Dubowitz, released six “studies” aimed at reviling Argentine policy on vulture funds and negotiations with Tehran.»

You see, everything has to do with everything.

Those above are some of the paragraphs that impressed me most of «Vultures, Nisman, CS: the money trail»

Published yesterday in Página12 , p. 6. written by Jorge Elbaum, sociologist, and most importantly, former CEO of DAIA.

More than a newspaper article, it is plain information and testimony.

«Wednesday 27th 2012, Secretary General of DAIA, Jorge Knoblobitz, told close friends and allies that he had received a phone call from journalist Pepe Eliaschev, who warned him in outrage that the cordial reception to Minister Timerman was going to be emphatically repudiated by “the community” as well as American and Israeli embassies.»

Eliaschev referred to the meeting Timerman maintained with community leaders and families of the victims to explain the characteristics of the talks held with Iran.

Later on, the vice president of DAIA, Waldo Wolff, confessed what was really going on:

«There was clear pressure “over the phone”, aimed to question any negotiation with Teheran. Those pushing on the phone in the morning of December 28th, 2012 claimed that any agreement would turn the ayatollahs into international political actors, when, in fact, they should be labelled in the national public opinion as bellicose terrorists unable of making any diplomatic agreement, as claimed by those who pressured the morning of 28 December 2012 by phone. In January 2013, the President’s Office reported on the agreement reached with Iran by the Memorandum of Understanding.

In January 2013, the President made public the agreement achieved with Iran through the “Memorándum de Entendimiento” and affirmed that it would be treated in extraordinary sessions in the National Congress. March 11th 2013, after the Memorándum was approved by Congress, a meeting in Arlington, D.C., was held by American Task Force Argentina’s members (ATFA), who decided to incorporate the “Memorándum de Entendimiento” as another battering ram in the strategy to force our country to negotiate from a more vulnerable position with the speculative funds.

In addition to the negative campaign over the agreements with Teheran through advertisements in different newspapers, ATFA resolved to contact local leaders and politicians and ask them to pronounce critical judgements over the agreement, as well as offering any kind of “collaboration” to oust Argentina’s Government.»

Those are some of the most relevant paragraphs of the information published by Elbaum.

I confess that after reading it 3 times! (Something I never do with any news story) I immediately remembered other news stories I had read a few days before. It had not been in a local newspaper, or on the Memorandum with Iran. It was the daily Haaretz , one of the largest papers in Israel, and the Nuclear Agreement between the US and Iran on April 2. The title: «Netanyahu told the cabinet: Our greatest fear is that Iran honors nuclear agreement» published on April 12, 2015 by Barak Ravid . Must read piece.

«Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a recent meeting of the security cabinet that if a comprehensive nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world powers is indeed signed by the June 30 deadline, the greatest concern is that Tehran will fully implement it without violations, two senior Israeli officials said.»

«Netanyahu and most of the ministers agreed that the only way to stop the agreement, even if it was unlikely to succeed, was through Congress. Thus, a good deal of Israeli efforts will focus on convincing members of Congress to vote for the Iran Nuclear Review Act, proposed by the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Corker, that could delay implementation of a deal if one is reached.»

«The pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC, which coordinates its activities with the Israeli embassy in Washington and the prime minister’s bureau in Jerusalem, has begun over the past few days to exert pressure on Democratic senators – both publicly and privately – to get them to vote for the Corker bill.»

Moreover, the same Israeli newspaper reported on April 14 , in an article signed by the same journalist , Democrats and Republicans reached agreement on Corker Act and most clauses opposed by the White House were withdrawn.

These were the clauses that Netanyahu had wanted to be part of the project.

Enough articles and on with the description of recent history: Whereas in the US those opposing the Nuclear Agreement with Iran resolved their best shot to stop it lies with the Congress, in Argentina some tried to stop Congress from approving the Memorandum with Irán.

Given their failure and the reassertion of sovereignty by the National Congress, the leadership of DAIA and AMIA, and the then Attorney Nisman resorted to the judiciary to prevent the implementation of the Agreement – which would take statements from Iranian defendants –  and moved to declare the Memorandum unconstitutional.

Any similarity is not coincidence… We are facing a global modus operandi, which not only severely injures National Sovereignty by interfering and coercing the functioning of the various powers of States, but also generates international political operations of any type, shape and color.

Operations either from lobbyists who always «contribute» to financial attacks or simultaneous international media operations, or even worse, covert actions of various «services» designed to destabilize governments.

Everything has to do with geopolitics and international power. Sometimes their effects can be on global peace, such as preventing the possibility of an agreement between the US and other powers with Iran on nuclear matters. Or those effects can be collateral, such as making impossible an agreement that would contribute bring Truth and Justice for victims of the AMIA, ater 21 years.

As Pope Francis said regarding negotiations between the powers and Tehran: «The first step towards a safer and more fraternal world».

For many of us, peace is the best tool to achieve greater global security.

It’s a shame that a powerful few have not yet understood that. Or even worse, do not care because it does not serve their goals.

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