marzo 3, 2017
Now against my daughter, Florencia Kirchner
The modus operandi of a Government in relation to everything considered "opposition".


Last February 3, my daughter Florencia Kirchner was subpoenaed to make a statement in the case known as «Los Sauces».


She is charged with being part of an alleged criminal organization that began its activities in May 2003, when she was only 12 years old. Even at the time of the constitution of Los Sauces S.A. my daughter was only 16 years old. Her relationship with this company began after the death of his father, as heiress.


Cristina Kirchner


In the last few hours we learned -within the framework of a huge judicial and media persecution- that Bonadío will try to deprive my daughter Florencia Kirchner of her freedom in the case «Los Sauces».


This happens while the problems of the Argentinians exacerbate because of the policies of the current Government, what is intended to be concealed and manipulated through the coordinated action of a political, judicial and media alliance.


In the same way, the violence of the President in his inaugural address to Congress, in which he said that Baradel, a trade unionist whose children were threatened with death, «does not need anyone to take care of him». He had been granted custody by court order. This reveals disregard by the highest magistracy for the rights, guarantees and security of the people, and the modus operandi of a Government in relation to everything considered «opposition».


As I have said many times, I do not have or will have any fear in facing any charge that is formulated to me. Even if I have to suffer the deprivation of my freedom of movement. They will never deprive me of my other freedom.


These facts of unusual severity and others of similar magnitude are detailed in the request for exemption of prison I submitted this morning on behalf of my daughter Florencia. They reflect the incredible deterioration of the rule of law since December 10, 2015.



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Very serious facts that have recently taken place in Argentina require my presence in my country.
mayo 6, 2017
The modus operandi of a Government in relation to everything considered "opposition".
marzo 3, 2017
As I have said publicly and I repeat once again: I'm not afraid. I shall face this process and any other they choose to fabricate.
abril 13, 2016
"Reproduce this information, circulate it by any means at your disposal"
marzo 24, 2016
The scam of "uncontrolled fiscal deficit" is just a poor excuse to continue cutting off rights.
febrero 18, 2016
Macri and his "team" believe in other things: a minimal state that doesn't interfere with the interests of concentrated sectors.
enero 15, 2016
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