septiembre 12, 2015
Argentina congratulates Jeremy Corbyn on his Labour leadership victory
Jeremy Corbyn is a good friend of Latin America and shares our demand for equality and political sovereignty.


The Government of Argentina extends its congratulations to the new leader of the Labour Party of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn.

This is also  a triumph for those of us who represent the will to put politics at the service of the people, and the economy at the service of the welfare of all citizens. It is also a triumph for those who advocate for peace and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Jeremy Corbyn is a great friend of Latin America and shares, in solidarity, our demands for equality and political sovereignty.

He has clearly spoken in favour of Argentina in the British Parliament regarding our struggle for human rights, against the usurious interests of vulture funds. In addition, he actively supports the call of the international community for dialogue between the United Kingdom and Argentina in the Malvinas Question.

Today is the triumph of hope.




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