febrero 4, 2015
A unique, very important day in China
The integration of Argentina to the world and the alliance with the largest global economy in strategic areas reinforces and expands the growth and development project that Argentina is running as a state policy since 2003.


Yesterday, February 4th, a unique and more than important day in China came to an end at 10pm.

Foro de negocios de empresas argentinas y chinas en el Hotel Shangrila.

After closing the opening of the Argentine and Chinese Companies Business Forum in the Shangrila Hotel, I met President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People at 5pm. Hymns playing, troops review, and a warm welcome from dozens of Chinese children waving flags of both countries.

Because of my ankle’s problem, I had to go for an alternative entrance and pass through the impressive amphitheater where the People’s Assembly works. I’ve been told it can hold 9,000 people. Its ceiling is crowned by a huge vitreaux with a red star. De Vido -architect at last- took a picture with his phone.

Cristina Kirchner en China.

The President welcomed me with the usual kindness, and minutes later we started our work meeting, accompanied by our respective teams.

The meeting lasted for an hour and an extremely productive dialogue was generated. Not only on the signed agreements already running and the 15 agreements signed that day, but also on the initiatives and projects to be submitted for consideration by both governments, tending to extend the Comprehensive Strategic Alliance beyond bilateral trade and infrastructure construction, generating integrated production projects between both countries.

Cristina Kirchner en China

So far 15 agreements were signed yesterday. Among them:

Agreement for the 4th Nuclear Power Plant (natural uranium and heavy water). Power: 700 megawatts. Investment: USD 5,800 million. Components: 70% national and 30% foreign. Considering the current price of USD 48 per oil barrel, this setting up generates savings of USD 4,800 million in imported fossil fuel throughout its lifetime.

Agreement for the 5th Nuclear Power Plant. Power: 1,000 megawatts. Investment: USD 7,000 million. Components: 50% national and 50% foreign. Argentina will be the architect-engineer, technology will be transferred, including local manufacturing of components and fuel elements. Funding will be a “concession», a mechanism established by a cooperation agreement signed by both Presidents in July 2014 in Argentina.

The interest of «concessionary» financing is 3.5% annually, while commercial financing rate is between 6.5% and 8.5%. Savings will be USD 8,000 million in 22 years. Considering the current price of USD 48 per oil barrel, it generates savings of USD 11,000 million in imported fossil fuel throughout its lifetime. Between financing and imported fuel, Argentina saves USD 19,000 million.

Also, a society will be set up to develop nuclear projects in Latin America.

Another important agreement is about space cooperation, promoting cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space, joint development of satellites and instruments, especially remote sensing missions and constellations based on satellite development plans of both countries. Do not forget that Argentina manufactures satellites…

Further goals include: cooperation in China’s future deep space exploration, based on the Program Support Ground Station installed in Neuquén. The observation and the use of data obtained from the China-Brazil Earth observation satellite and other Chinese satellites. Research and space activities between companies and universities in both countries.

Space cooperation in education and training at the Regional Centre for Education in Space Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific (China), member of UN  with scholarships for Argentine students.

A Binational Subcommittee on Space Cooperation will also be created in the orbit of the Permanent Committee Argentina-China governments.

These and other important agreements on mining, communications, information technologies for the Export-Import Bank of China, with the area of media and communication on cooperation in mass communication, incorporating Argentina’s public television channel in the PRC TV system, as we did recently with the Russian Federation. All agreements are published in www.casarosada.gov.ar

The integration of Argentina to the world and the alliance with the largest global economy in strategic areas reinforces and expands the growth and development project that Argentina is running as a state policy since 2003.

Los mandatarios de Argentina y China firmaron la Declaración para Fortalecer la Asociación Estratégica Integral y convenios de cooperación

Ah, I almost forget. The governor of Entre Ríos, Sergio Urribarri, who is accompanying me on this State visit, told me that the biggest beef-cold-storage of the province, located in San José, was acquired by Chinese companies in partnership with an Argentine one, and that within 15 days it will export frozen meat and giblets to China. The investment was around $ 250 million. He also commented on the important business that they are closing in acquiring companies to export citrus, milk and blueberries. He was very happy…

We completed the day in the evening with a videoconference with El Calafate signing the beginning of dams Néstor Kirchner – Jorge Cepernic.

The most important national hydroelectric project, entirely Argentine. 1,740 megawatts. In China we were accompanied by the Chairman of the Reform Committee and the President of China Engineering Energy Company, Gezhouba headquarters, associated to Argentine companies for this construction. In Calafate, its Mayor, Javier Belloni, the Governor, mayors, legislators, businessmen…

Checked: when utopias are accompanied with effort, hard work and decision, they come true. Too much emotion and memories.

Cristina Kirchner en Twitter.




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