julio 12, 2015
An extensive, thorough conversation with The New Yorker
It was a long, thorough conversation that I think you may find interesting.


A few months ago I received a request from The New Yorker magazine, USA based, to make an interview here in Argentina.

I had just returned from my state visit to the PRC and journalist Dexter Filkins came to Olivos where we had a long talk on March 11.

Once he found himself in Argentina Dexter wanted to know more about «the country and the eight extraordinary years that have had here, along with the years of her husband’s government.»

He told me among other things that what surprised him the most was «the way in which Argentina has really tried the military for offenses committed in the 70s and early 80s and this has not occurred almost anywhere else in the world. »

It was a long, thorough conversation that I think you may find interesting: Cristina Kirchner interview with The New Yorker – Up Close and Uncut (march 11, 2015)

My regards to Dexter Filkins for the excellent chat we had. He is and award-winning journalist, who won a Pulitzer Prize as part of a team of Times journalists covering Pakistan and Afghanistan.



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